Omega OL-HRN-RS- Vehicle Specific T-Harnesses for Remote Start/Security Systems

  • $34.99

Vehicle Specific Harnesses, find out which one you need HERE

OL-HRN-RS Harness Benefits: -

Combine ANY Excalibur remote start with an OL-BLADE-AL64 or OL-MDB-ALL and just Plug It in!

Direct plug-in to ANY 10-70 series Excalibur starter

Compatible with OL-BLADE-AL64

Compatible with OL-MDB-ALL & non-BLADE systems (adapter harness included)

Supports full security functionality!

Supports manual transmission!

Eliminates stress on sensitive vehicle data circuits

100% copper wire - superior to other brands’ harnesses

Ignition switch harness adapter available for non-Omega starters.