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Omega Excalibur RS-170-B Deluxe Add-on Remote Start

Omega Excalibur RS-170-B Deluxe Add-on Remote Start

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Deluxe add-on Remote Start with VIRTUAL ALARM technology! Operates with factory remotes, or compatible with RK-Kit upgrades.

The  remote start capability will keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The VIRTUAL ALARM feature allows you to add any of our sensors and upgrade the system to full security & remote start.

• Activates from almost any existing keyless entry or security system
• Includes status light and override switch
• Remote start compatible with gas or diesel engines!
• Selectable engine run times!
• Low voltage & low temp auto starting
• Rear defrost activation output
• Turbo timer - 1, 2, or 3 minute run time!
• Enhanced audible remote start diagnostics
• Flashing light output.
• Optional anti-grind feature to protect your starter.
• Silent pit-stop operation
• 2 data ports -- auto-detects protocol!
• RK-Kit upgrade compatible
• Linkr-LT compatible
• Limited Lifetime warranty on all components.

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