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Code Alarm

Code Alarm MV3 Dual Zone Microwave Sensor

Code Alarm MV3 Dual Zone Microwave Sensor

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Can be adjusted to detect movement around your vehicle (Zone 1): Generally the optimal setting is when you adjust the exterior setting to sense when someone is close enough to look into the drivers window.
So basically the sensor is set to detect any perimeter movement between the side view mirror and the drivers door window.
This is considered zone 1, and upon perimeter intrusion of zone 1, the sensor will send a negative signal to your systems zone 1, stage 1 or warn-away input (depending on how your specific system describes it)
that will cause your alarm to momentarily sound the alarm but not fully trigger it.

Can be adjusted to detect movement into your vehicle (Zone 2): Generally the optimal setting for zone 2 is when you adjust the interior setting to sense when,
for example, you left your window down (or top down for convertibles) and someone reaches in to grab something and by the time they reach in up to their elbow the sensor will send a signal to your system's zone 2 which will fully trigger the alarm.

Zone Coverage and Sensitivity Choice: The sensor can be used to cover just zone 1 or 2 or both. And can be adjusted more or less sensitive then described above.

Bi-Color Status LED: Built-in Red & Green LED indicates sensor detection status. With the LED off the sensor is in stand-by. Green indicating Zone 1 trigger and Red indicating zone 2 being triggered.
In sensor adjustment mode, this LED indicates the sensor's current sensitivity without triggering the alarm while adjusting and testing.

Exit/Arm Delay: Once the vehicle is exited and the doors are closed and after the alarm is armed, the sensor delays 30 seconds before protecting the set perimeter.

Compatible to the Majority of Aftermarket Alarm Systems:
The MV3 is made by Code Alarm and the 4-pin/4-wire plug end meant to plug into specific Code Alarm systems can be cut off and directly wired to any installed aftermarket alarm system that is equipped with the required negative zone trigger inputs.
We have installed and used these sensors on dozens of different aftermarket alarm systems from Viper to Bulldog systems.

Simple 4 Wire Hook-Up: Require's constant 12V power connection, Ground when armed output wire from your system and zone 1 and/or 2 input connections to your system.

Sensor Module Placement: For optimal coverage the sensor's module is surface mounted, installed in the front lower center of the vehicle. Con be mounted behind carpeting, foam, insulation and forms of plastic but not behind metal.

Compatible to Aftermarket Alarm Systems Only: The sensor will not trigger OEM/Factory installed alarm systems

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