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DS18 GFX-5K1 Class D Full Range 5000W RMS 1-channel Amplifier

DS18 GFX-5K1 Class D Full Range 5000W RMS 1-channel Amplifier

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Product Highlights

  • Great power per size ratio packing in 5000w in a very small package
  • Power rating of 2000 watts @ 4-Ohms, 3500 watts @ 2-Ohms, and 5000 watts @ 1-Ohm for great full range power at any of the recommended ohm loads.
  • Digital Monoblock Full bridge design maximizes power by using high quality components maximizing power and size
  • Adjust crossover filters to get the perfect sound for your speaker combination
  • Remote level inputs for easily adjusting amplifier volume on the go
  • Intelligent cooling fan system for powerful and reliable performance
  • Frequency response of 15Hz-20KHz making it a great choice for Pro-Audio
  • Built in High-Pass and Low-Pass filters to help you get the perfect sound
  • Adjustable bass boost from 5-12dB with included Level control knob for on-the-go volume changes.
  • Power, Protection, and Clipping indicators will help you monitor your amp easily with colored LEDs.
  • Safety features that protect the amp from damage from clipping, thermal limits, over-load, Impedance, short-circuit and voltage failures.
Model No. GFX-5K1
Power @ 1 ohm (14.4V) 5000W
Power @ 2 ohms (14.4V) 3500W
Power @ 4 Ohms (14.4V) 2000W
Minimum Speaker Load 1 Ohm
THD 1%
Input Sensitivity 0.5-8V
Hi Pass Crossover (12dB/Oct) 15Hz-2KHz
Lo Pass Crossover (12dB/Oct) 50Hz-20KHz
Frequency Response 15Hz-20KHz
Bass Boost 0-12dB
Bass Boost Frequency 35Hz-70Hz
Working Voltage 9-15V
Input Terminal Size 1/0AWG
Output Terminal Size 8 AWG
Dimensions (mm) 291 x 236 x 72
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