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DS18 DSP8.6iA 6-Channel Amp with 8-Channel DSP

DS18 DSP8.6iA 6-Channel Amp with 8-Channel DSP

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Take complete control of your audio system with DS18's new line of Digital Sound Processors! Now you can control every aspect of your audio system with ease with precise filtering settings. The DSP6iA gives you many highways in which you can fine tune your audio.

This DSP comes with a built in amplifier which yields 70 watts rms per 6 channels @4ohms. Channels 5/6 can be bridged for a subwoofer that will get you 240w rms @4 ohms bridged.

The DSP6iA will be hooked up directly to your PC (not mac compatible) or laptop for a multitude of tuning options that are just a few mouse clicks away. Also included is an easy to use wired controller that acts as an interface for song switching, volume, and your saved presets. This unit has an included BT receiver so you do not even need a head unit. You can stream directly from your phone if you so wish, which makes the versatility of this DSP immeasurable.

The software is downloaded at and does not take a high learning curve to master. Each input can be adjusted and summed. You can save your options and multiple presets for 6 channels, @6db/octave to 48db/octave, and visualization for your actual and simulated EQ curve.


  • Bluetooth streaming so you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for endless music
  • Built in amplifier that gives 70w rms @4ohms x6 channels. Channels 5/6 can be bridged for a subwoofer and will give 240w @4ohms bridged.
  • Easy to use software found at to fine tune and monitor every aspect of your signal processing.
  • Wired controller that acts as a gateway to all your presets and also will control your volume, play list, and other functions you would normally need a head unit for.
  • Multiple inputs such as 6ch high level, 2ch low level, Auxiliary, Optical, and USB to get you a highway of musical paths.
Power supply
Working Voltage DC 7.5-16V
REM input voltage 9-16V
REM output voltage DC12.8V (0.5A)
Signal Processing
THD @1KHz, 1V Rated Power Output 0.02%
Band width @-3dB 10-21KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio @ A weighted >95dB
Channel Separation @ 1kHz >60dB
Input sensitivity (AUX in) 2mV - 2V
Input sensitivity (high level) 8mV - 10V
Input impedance (ohm) low level : 22K / high level : 36
Maximum output level (RMS) @ 0.1% THD 2V
High level input Up to 6channel
Auxiliary input Stereo
Optical Input Stereo( 96kHz/24bit)
Bluetooth input Stereo
Low level (PRE) output Up to 2channel
4Ohm( stereo) power @1% THD 6 x 70 Wrms
2Ohm( stereo) power @1% THD 2 x 120 Wrms (CH5/6 only)
4Ohm( bridged) power @1% THD 1 x 240 Wrms (CH5/6 only)
Length x with x height 320mm x 143mm x 56mm
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