CRUX SOOGM-16B GM Radio Replacement Interface to Retain SWC, OnStar

  • $174.95

The CRUX SOOGM-16B is designed to allow for the installation of after-market radios while retaining functionality of OnStar, Bose® Amplified and Non-Amplified Systems, Chime and Accessory features in General Motors LAN 11-Bit vehicles. Also retains steering wheel controls.

  • Easy Plug-and-Ready Connections.
  • Retains Steering Wheel Controls via built in pre-programmed interface.
  • Retains Factory Bluetooth in Vehicles 2008-upwards if equipped with new OnStar Device.
  • Retains Factory OnStar.
  • Retains Factory Warning Chimes.
  • Works with  Non-Bose and BOSE amplified systems.
  • Fully functional for replacing both types of 11-Bit Radios. Includes the following two harnesses with:
    1. 24-Pin Connector
    2. 14- & 16-Pin Connectors

Chevrolet: 14- and 16-Pin Connectors
2007-10  Cobalt
2006-11 HHR
2008-12 Malibu

Chevrolet: 24-Pin Connectors
2005-06  Cobalt
2004-07  Malibu


Pontiac: 14- and 16-Pin Connectors
2007-10 G5
2006-10 Solstice

Pontiac: 24-Pin Connectors
2005-09 G6

Saturn: 14- and 16-Pin Connectors
2007-10 Aura
2007 Ion 
2007-09 Sky