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Atrend BBox E10DSV Dual Vented 10" Subwoofer Box

Atrend BBox E10DSV Dual Vented 10" Subwoofer Box

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Bbox E10DSV Pro-Series 10” Dual Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

  • Enclosure Dimensions Sub cut out: 9.125”, mounting depth: 14.75”, Height: 12”, Width: 30”, Depth: 15.5”
  • Pro Tuned 10” Dual Vented (shared air space) subwoofer enclosure designed for optimum bass response and low-frequency reproduction which is ideal for high power or sound quality subwoofers.
  • 1” High-Grade MDF Front Baffle for Ultimate structural rigidity and no-flex construction.
  • 3.23 Cubic Feet Net Volume internal air space (1.83 cu. ft. per sub) is ideal for tight accurate bass reproduction.
  • CNC Miter & Dado design and construction for the ultimate in an airtight precision fit of all parts which ensures a rattle and noise-free environment.
  • Recessed Side Panels increase structural integrity, eliminates unwanted flex and vibration.
  • Specially Formulated Aliphatic Wood Glue to ensure an airtight seal between all MDF parts with a second application of glue around all internal joints after final assembly.
  • Pneumatic Applied Brad Nails to pull tight and hold the MDF parts during the glue drying process and help assure a no-leak, no-rattle air chamber.
  • Premium OEM Grade Carpeting for factory look and durability.
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