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Atrend 6X9PR Pair of Single 6x9 Boxes

Atrend 6X9PR Pair of Single 6x9 Boxes

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Atrend Bbox 6x9PR 6” x 9” (pair) Pro Audio Tuned Speaker Enclosures

  • Pro Audio Tuned 6” x 9” speaker enclosures are designed to dramatically improve the sound quality and bass response of any 6” x 9” speaker system.
  • High-Grade MDF featuring a 5/8” MDF front baffle for solid frequency response and accurate music reproduction.
  • Recessed Side Panels are air-tight, resonant-free, solid construction to reduce rattles and improve the overall sound quality.
  • Push & Insert Speaker Terminals help ensure a solid grip on the speaker wires for music signal transfer. Terminal cups are sealed and screwed tight to the enclosure to ensure no air leaks.
  • Plush OEM Grade Charcoal Carpeting is durable and matches OEM colors. 
  • Dimensions: Height: 7-3/4”, Width: 6-1/4”, Bottom Depth: 6-1/4”, Top Depth: 3-3/4”
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