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5212 Battery Charger/Maintainer

5212 Battery Charger/Maintainer

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  • 12V 7.5 Amp Charging Modes
  • Optimized charging program
  • reverse polarity protection
  • automatic voltage detection
  • short circuit protection
  • You can leave this hooked up to your battery to maintain optimum performance when not in use
  • Fully Automatic
  • Repairs, Charges, & Maintains Standard, AGM & Gel lead acid batteries
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quick Connect battery clip cable assembly - with inline fuse
  • Quick connect ring terminal cable assembly - with inline fuse
  • Input: 110V AC - Standard Wall Outlet
  • 6 Foot Ac poer Cord
  • 6 Foot on DC side
  • 17" ring terminal quick connect
  • 18" battery clamps quick connect cord
  • Charge Process: Digital Microprocessor 7 Stage
  • Size of batteries to be charged are 12 Volt 28 amp hour up to 250 amp hour.  Note that the bigger the battery the longer it will take to charge.
  • Reconditions batteries that may have sulfate build up, BUT not shorted cells
  • Can be mounted to the wall with long extension wires which are great to reach your battery
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